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About GreenButton

GreenButton is the leading provider of cloud solutions for compute-intensive applications. We take an innovative approach to enabling businesses to optimize their applications in the cloud. Our flagship product, GreenButton Cloud Fabric is suited to Enterprises and Software Vendors for accessing unlimited computing power.

Using the GreenButton SDK, applications can be cloud-enabled in hours with no recoding of existing software typically required. Software Vendors can manage their licenses and monetize the cloud.

Use the Cloud for your Apps

GreenButton is an innovator in moving compute intensive application workloads to public and private clouds.

GreenButton offers affordable solutions to industries such as financial services, government, manufacturing, universities and production studios. GreenButton leverages global cloud access through partnerships with Amazon Web Services, HP Cloud Services, OpenStack, VMWare and Microsoft Windows Azure.

  • Azure
  • Amazon
  • Open Stack
  • VM Ware
Engineering Industry

From SPICE based circuit simulators to Computational Fluid Dynamics, GreenButton Cloud Fabric is well suited to manage engineering applications across private and public clouds, identifying the most suitable environment to ensure optimal performance and security.

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GreenButton Cloud Fabric is available through two affordable options:

enterprise solutions
GreenButton Enterprise Licence

Consists of a "prepaid" annual license fee based on the number of enabled applications, number of enabled clouds and other customer specific factors.

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enterprise solutions
On Demand

Use GreenButton Cloud Fabric with no upfront license cost. Monthly fees are based on a sliding scale of monthly core-hour usage. The more core hours used, the lower the monthly cost per core-hour.

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  • mission control

    GreenButton Mission Control to monitor jobs and manage governance controls.

  • mission control

    CloudSync with GridFTP rapidly synchronises data.

  • mission control

    Easy to use SDK to quickly enable workloads.

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GreenButton multi-cloud management platform for High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data applications and workloads. Simple on-ramp for ISVs and Enterprises to the cloud using GreenButton Cloud SDK. Easily leverage private and public cloud stacks including Windows Azure, AWS, VMware vCloud, and OpenStack for high scale out workloads with full enterprise governance controls.