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IntroducingGreenButton inCus

An audio indexing service that provides an optimized search & discover experience for large stockpiles of media content

GreenButton inCus Free Trial

Simply signup for a GreenButton inCus account here with the voucher code - 10GbinCus for a free $10 trial. Please note the smallest amount of service for which we can bill is eighteen minutes (equivalent to $4.50) for any audio or video file.

GreenButton inCus

The role of multimedia content continues to rise in the enterprise, government, and the Internet. Having the ability to utilize and repurpose that content becomes increasingly important as media archives continue to expand. Now, the ability to explore new business opportunities with content management takes a big step forward.

Introducing GreenButton inCus, a new search optimization solution for content management powered by the Microsoft Research Audio Video Indexing Service ("MAVIS"). GreenButton inCus is for the enablement of optimized searching of content from meetings, conference calls, voice mails, presentations, online lectures, or even Internet video. Offered as a service, GreenButton inCus alleviates the need to invest in any on-premise infrastructure and dramatically simplifies the archive indexing and searching process for the customer.

Click here to contact us if you have any questions about using GreenButton inCus.

Search for Spoken Words in Audio/Video Files

The Microsoft Research Audio Video Indexing System (MAVIS) that powers GreenButton inCus, uses speech recognition technology to enable a one click search & discovery experience to help find spoken word(s) recorded in audio or video content. Simply type in a textual reference you wish to find, and get links to the point in the media file where the search text was spoken based on the speech recognition results. The end result is spending less time listening to media content and more time utilizing.

Highly Accurate Results

Speech recognition is prone to errors which can affect the accuracy of audio search results. The MAVIS technology reduces errors in speech recognition by automatically expanding its vocabulary, and storing word alternatives using a technique referred to as Probabilistic Word-Lattice Indexing. These techniques provide highly accurate, optimized search and discovery capabilities that function together to power the GreenButton inCus solution. For additional details on the technology of MAVIS, please visit the MAVIS project page.

Full Text Search with Windows SQL Server for Flexibility and Easy Deployment

The Microsoft SQL Server full text search capability handles all the text input queries and matching those queries with the media results to provide the optimal search & discovery experience for GreenButton inCus users. The full text search capabilities of Windows SQL Server are highly scalable... it is perfectly suited to scale your search capabilities to tens, even hundreds, of thousands of hours of digital media content. And, developers can pull the audio/video search results into other applications using the familiar SQL language.

Closed Captions and keyword generation

Closed captions can make audio and video content accessible to people with hearing disabilities, or translated so that the content can be used by a broader audience in different languages. Using the closed caption capabilities of MAVIS, GreenButton inCus can generate closed captions in SAMI and SMPTE-TTML formats. The accuracy of closed captions generated by GreenButton inCus will depend on the clarity of the speaker and background noise. There are a number of subtitle editing tools on the web which can be used to edit the closed captions generated by GreenButton inCus for improved accuracy. Additionally, GreenButton inCus can generate keywords which can better expose your content to search engines such as Bing & Google, and can also be used to categorize your content, or assist in delivering contextual based ads.

Easy Media Upload and Job Management

One of the strengths of GreenButton inCus is that it doesn't care where the media to be indexed is long as it is accessible. The service can access media from its current location through an HTTP or an HTTPS connection. Simply create an RSS feed using the location(s) of your archives, submit it to the web portal, and the service will access & index your media...even if it is stored in a private/dedicated cloud or on-premise storage system. This saves you the arduous task of time-consuming manual file uploading. GreenButton inCus will also notify you as to the status of your indexing job(s) and their completion via the Service Dashboard, direct email, SMS, or the mobile app.

There are significant advantages to storing your media content in the cloud, ranging from long term cost reduction to increased accessibility both in and out of your organization. We encourage you to visit Windows Azure and consider its’ usefulness towards your long term content management & lifecycle strategy.

REST API for Integration with Content Management System

Are you looking to add indexing & search capabilities to your current content management system? If so, the supported REST API will enable you to set up an automatic submission of jobs to the service such that any new content ingested will be indexed and searchable. In this way, GreenButton inCus can integrate into your existing system(s) and augment your current capabilities with optimized search & discovery of media with speech content, all without being disruptive.

  • Step 1

    Sign up for a GreenButton account.

  • Step 2

    Top up your GreenButton account with funds.

  • Step 3

    Log in to the inCus submission portal

  • Step 4

    Create an RSS file that points to all media files you would like to be indexed.

  • Step 5

    On the top menu, click on "SUBMIT A JOB" and upload your RSS file. Then, click "START THE JOB" to submit your rss file.

  • Step 6

    Click on "DASHBOARD" in your GreenButton account to see the progress of the job(s) you have submitted.

  • Step 7 (Fully Hosted version only)

    Once the indexing is complete, click on "VIEW SERCH PORTAL" to start searching through your media using text keywords. Click on the "EMBED SEARCH PORTAL" link to access the code you'll need to embed the search portal into your own web properties. You're done!

  • Step 8 (The following steps are for Self-Hosted version only *)

    Download the MAVIS SQL iFilter Add-on package from Microsoft Research. The link to the package is available from your GreenButton Dashboard. The package will also contain a sample web search portal for your referral.

  • Step 9

    Install the MAVIS SQL iFilter Add-on into the Microsoft SQL Server environment.

  • Step 10

    Install the sample web search portal (provided with the SQL iFilter Package) into your web server environment.

  • Step 11

    The sample search portal will expose a certain amount of metadata from your media content. If you want to expose additional metadata on the search page, you'll need to modify the SQL Server database and the web search portal accordingly.

  • Step 12

    Download the AIB(s) from your GreenButton Dashboard.

  • Step 13

    Import your index (AIB) files into Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Step 14

    Test your new search portal using the web server to connect the full text search capabilities of SQL Server with the media storage location(s) and aggregate the results into your search portal.

  • * Self-Hosted customers must have an instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and an active web server (Windows Server IIS, Apache, etc.) in order to enable audio search by the service.

There are currently two versions of GreenButton inCus currently available. Each version is scaled to meet the varying degrees of management an organization may want to have over the search & discovery process.

Fully Hosted Version

This is by far the easiest version to use and the least amount of effort & resources to implement. The Fully Hosted Version not only provides the core indexing & closed caption services, but it also supplies the database and search portal components of the solution so you don't have to worry about them. You submit the RSS file and we give you back not only the audio index blob (AIB) file, but also access to a web search portal customized to your content. You can take the portal an embed it within any of your internal or external web properties. If you choose to generate closed captions using the Fully Hosted Version, you will receive an SIB file that contains all the closed caption data for the archive(s).

Because of the hosting and configuration requirements in the Fully Hosted Version, it includes a minimal setup & hosting fee as well as minimum usage requirements. Please see our Price Sheet or give us a call or email for complete information.

Self-Hosted Version

This is the version for the 'do-it-yourselfer'. The self-hosted version allows organizations to provide and maintain their own resources to support the search & discovery experience. This could be attractive if you already have hosted or on-premise infrastructure resources that you would prefer to utilize instead of having that all provided by GreenButton. While this version is the least expensive option, it does require your own maintenance and management for your IT resources. For this version, you simply submit the RSS file to the service, and we give you back the audio index blob (AIB) file that can be imported into a SQL database and interconnected to your media archives to provide the text searching capabilities. We also provide the SMI file if you have chosen to enable the closed caption service.

A self-hosted version of GreenButton inCus requires an instance of Microsoft SQL Server with a special add-on you can download and install in order to properly utilize the AIB and/or the SIB files. In addition, a search portal configured to interface with both SQL Server for full text searches and your media archives for aggregated results is also required. This will enable the optimized search capability using the AIB index files. Please contact us for more technical details on implementation.

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