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The GreenButton SDK (Software Development Kit) enables developers to quickly and easily bring the power of on-demand cloud computing to processor intensive applications. With GreenButton, you can give your applications unlimited scalability with just a few lines of code.

The GreenButton Cloud Fabric automatically takes care of features such as security, billing, dynamic job queuing, online storage, data synchronisation, automatic provisioning and scaling, and so on. With these services built in, you can focus on your application and business while we focus on endtoend processing and performance.

The SDK also includes templates and an emulator so you can get up and running without even having to wait for a cloud deployment

There are many technical challenges in migrating compute intensive workloads to the cloud, and the current IaaS/PaaS providers' toolkits don't make it easy. The GreenButton SDK is designed to be easy to use with existing applications. It's the fastest, most flexible way to put unlimited computing power at your users' fingertips.

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Our SDK consists of two APIs

You'll use the GreenButton management API to enable your users to run and monitor jobs on the cloud. The management API is a set of RESTful Web services so it’s easy to access from desktop, Web or mobile applications or to integrate into backend systems.

More about the GreenButton Management API →

You'll use the GreenButton cloud API to control how your workloads are processed within the cloud – using your knowledge of your application to determine how to split workloads across nodes and how to process each subtask.

More about the GreenButton Cloud API →

"I'd recommend GreenButton to other developers that have targeted HPC workloads. The API was very easy to use."

Sandy Bugai, Bentley Systems

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