GreenButton Management API

The GreenButton Cloud Fabric management API makes it easy for you to integrate GreenButton into your application. It is a REST API which makes it easy to use from any programming language, and to integrate into desktop, Web or mobile clients.

All services support JSON and XML for ease of use in the widest range of languages and environments. For service providers we also offer user management and billing services which you can integrate into portals or into your backend systems. We'll be posting full technical details of the management API online shortly, but in the meantime please contact GreenButton for more information.

The Management API supports the following calls:

Job API Calls

  • GET jobs - List jobs
  • GET jobs/id - Get job status
  • GET jobs/id/outputs - Get job outputs
  • GET jobs/id/log - Get job log
  • GET jobs/id/tasks - Get job tasks
  • POST jobs - Submit new job
  • POST jobs/id - Reprocess or cancel existing job

Asset API Calls

  • GET files - List files
  • GET files/id - Get existing file
  • POST files - Upload new files
  • PUT files/id - Update existing file