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dodge viper


Sean Carnell a local designer completed this piece of work with Deep Exploration 6.3 and rendered it with GreenButton. He discovered GreenButton was approximately 20 to 43 times faster than running the job on his local 3GHz I7 Machine.

As an experienced graphic artist he has been trying out the GreenButton with Deep Exploration and has been amazed with the results. His Deep Exploration project with an original resolution of 5039 x 2834 took 36 hours on his i7 Quad Core and only 56 minutes on GreenButton. Sean is also excited that not only can he get the results of his render job in a fraction of the time it use to take but it’s also means his machines are now freed up for other work. He used to have to leave his computers running for days to finish a job but now he can have it within the hour.

His findings are as below:

  • Each frame on Local i7 Quad core 3.2Ghz 12 Min.
  • Total Job 14,400 Minutes. 240 Hours.
  • Rendering with Green Button 5 hours 36Min including upload and download times.
dodge viper
GreenButton does give you the ability to try things that you never would have considered before.

Sean Carnell, Sean Carnell Design

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