GreenButton Enterprise Licence Option "Prepaid"

GreenButton CloudFabric Enterprise Licence -

  • SDK: Developer tool kit to enable the compute parts of your HPC, compute intensive applications. This SDK enables the compute parts of your application in a non-invasive way eliminating the need for lengthy and risky re-work.
  • Mission Control: Mission Control is the centralized management interface. This gives you management control and a dashboard view into the Governence, Operations and Access Control. This also gives you complete control and visibility of your compute costs, reporting, curent and historical activity, job status and diagnostic information, and much more.
  • CloudSync: CloudSync provides an easy way to upload your application data to the cloud that works in conjunction with CloudFabric. This data synchronization tool provides bulk upload, easy to use interface and data acceleration for large file sets.
  • Support: Phone and Email support is included with CloudFabric.

USA / Canada Toll Free