Pixar pushes the GreenButton to infinity and beyond!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new cloud rendering service in collaboration with Pixar Animation Studios. We feel very honoured to have been selected by Pixar to take their industry leading rendering software to the world.

The service is called “RenderMan On Demand” and offers nearly instantaneous burst rendering access to hundreds and even thousands of cores, enabling artists and studios to deliver the highest quality cinematic imagery with unprecedented economy and efficiency.

“From a speed and cost perspective, the cloud service is much more appealing than those we’ve used in the past.” Said Simon Sangar, Senior VFX Artist at Bradley and Montgomery. “The turnaround time is much faster due to the speed of RenderMan and the robustness of the GreenButton system.”

“We were investigating a private cloud solution but seeing the RenderMan solution from Pixar and GreenButton was great timing and is perfect for any of our RenderMan projects.” said Darren Hyland, Head of R&D at Brown Bag Films.

Our partnership with Pixar is evidence of our leadership in the cloud market as the company of choice for software vendors looking to move to the cloud.

This service is now available on Microsoft’s Windows Azure with Linux availability following in 2012.

Read Pixar’s full press release here

Visit the “RenderMan On Demand” portal to register for the service – www.renderman-on-demand.com

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